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I have just purchased a Toshiba 36ZP46P CRT with component Inputs, a Yamaha DSP 750 amp and a Pioneer 575A DVD player as a result of reading these forums. I am confused as to how they should be connected up for best results, and some advice would be much appreciated before I buy the cables.

I know that for sound from the DVD I will use a digital co-axial cable to the amp, and for the picture I will use a component cable, but what I do not know is whether I connect the DVD player straight to the TV, or go via the amplifier.

I know this may be a basic question, but I am new to all of this, and am looking for the best quality possible, so therefore want to buy the best cables.

Anyone who can help?

Thanks, Ian


sorry Ian can't help I also need advice
I have topnotch component cable connecting Panny E85 and Pd50
giving worse PQ than a plain scart.
Any ideas anyone - thanks


i'll try to help but am far from an expert :laugh: really only passing on what i found out when i asked the same questions on the main plasma site

coaxial certainly should give better sound quality than optical

regarding connection of dvd to tv- the most direct route with the least connections should give the best picture quality - the onlt advantage of taking it through the amp would be if you had loads of components eg sky etc and wished to use the switching capabilities of the amp

i have a 37" viera and connect the dvd direct to the plasma via good quality component cables by the missing link although i am sure mark grant off this site could supply the equivalent quality

hope this helps


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Thanks for the advice.

I decided to connect my DVD directly to my TV, after I realised that I would need another expensive component cable if I went via my amp. However, I now have a problem in that I cannot see the OSD for my amp to set it up.

Are there any other options rather than buying another component cable, as they are rather expensive, and I seem to have spent a fortune on cables so far?


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