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What would be the best solution for me in the meantime until I get a a dedicated CD player...

(Marantz PM7200 amp and SR4200 reciever with Philips DVD)

Purely for music use in 2ch Stereo (source direct):

1) Play CDs via DVD player connected to AV receiver via Coax then run from preout to amp Processor In L+Rs


2) Play CDs via DVD player connected directly to Stero amp via CD L+R input with Atlas Equator interconnects. (Bypassing Receiver entirely)

Quite hard to tell the diference from inital listening - I am just intrigued to see what theoretically should yeild best sound.

(I am not to interested in using my Sub for music right now so no need to take into account this aspect)

Thanks :)


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This purely depends on which DACs are better, the ones in your DVD player (using analog connection, option 2) or the ones in the AV amp/receiver (using digital connection, your option 1).
Since this depends on the equipment it's hard to tell, i.e. there is no general rule for this.

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