DVD-A diferences?


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Hi. This may be a stupid question but what are the diferences between DVD audio and a DVD concert with 5.1 surround? Isn´t the sound alike?



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DVD-A is recorded to a potentially much higher standard and resolution,with the ability to go to 24 bit/96kHz or 24/192kHz,whereas DVD-V with surround(5.1)sound will be recorded at a somewhat lower bitrate.

Having said that,there are some atrocious DVD-A offerings around currently,released from major manufacturer's back catalogues,and some DVD-V recordings,especially live concerst,which are far superior.

That's about it in a nutshell,but it does make choosing a good example of each a bit of a lottery,although you can search the forums for advice on each.

Another aspect is whether or not you want/enjoy the video side of things,in which case the DVD-V route is the choice.
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