DVB-T Tuner Cards/Sticks: What connector?


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Hola all,

I have a Yuan EC300 DVB-T ExpressCard 34 tuner for my lappy. It comes with a portable cable aerial and a fixed coax-to-card adapter/converter. The aerial cable I use with it is old NTL cable so as you can imagine, it's not very flexible. I'm just worried that, as the adapter fixed, it could lead to the card connector getting bent/broken due to the weight/inflexibility of the aerial cable.

So, after all that, does anyone know what these card/stick connectors are called? Reason being i'm looking to find a adapter cable but one with an L-shaped card connector end. The closest I've found so far is this:


...which will prolly do the job fine but i'd still prefer a 'headphone-style' L-shape connector for the card.


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Chris Muriel

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At a glance it looks like an MCX or MMCX connector (as used on some WLAN cards).

Chris Muriel, Boston (normally Manchester)


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This is a MALE jack MCX to RF Coax and attaches to things like a DVB-T stick for PC TV reception.
What I am desperately after is the same thing but with a FEMALE plug on the other
end of the RF Coax. i.e. the MCX socket found in a DVB-T device. I have searched for ages - any ideas, please?
Alternatively are there longer aerial cables to lengthen the cable that comes with the little aerial
supplied with a DVB-T stick?

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