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At the moment I have

Compro Videomate S350 PCI DVB-S card

sitting on a

Asus M4A88TD-M motherboard

For christmas I am going to be upgrading the DVB-S card to either a dual DVB-S card (which could therefore be either PCI or PCI-E) or I am going to add a second card (must be PCI-E) which is either DVB-S2, DVB-S or a dual DVB-T and DVB-S(2) card.

If I go for the Dual DVB-S card the only one I have found is Hauppauge 4000i Dual DVB-S PCI

If I decide to go for the DVB-S and DVB-T card it looks like being Compro Videomate F800 - I suppose the only "issue" with this is I would currently have no use for the DVB-T part as I dont get freeview reception where this machine is located.

I have been unable to find a DVB-S2 card for a realistic price so am currently using that as a backup option only, unless I can be shown a decent example.

I would like to just use another S350 (as it is so cheap) but only have the one PCI slot in my machine so that isnt an option.

I'm kinda edging towards getting an extra PCI-e card and keeping the S350 as well so that if one dies I still have one to be able to use.

So if anyone has any models I should be looking at it would be much appreciated. Need to give my mum the info to buy in the next couple of weeks :)


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Remember you don't really need a DVB-S2 card unless you are going to try and decrypt Sky or something. All the current free HD channels use DVB-S and will likely do so for some time.

I'd wait for DVB-S2 DVB-T2 combo cards which will start arriving next year.


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Sorry yeah should have said Im not really sure, I know I can get the S800F and 4000i for about £50, and at the moment I dont understand what the benefits of DVB-S2 is over DVB-S, so was using that pricing as a guide to reasonableness.


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As stiggy says, no benifit in getting S2 unless you are going to decrypt $ky channels.

It really depends upon what you are going to use it for, and if you want to avoid the possibility of needing to upgrade in the future.

The S2 and T2 combo (which can't be bought yet) is likely to be very expensive, so you might be better off going for the cheapest DVB-S dual card you can get for now and then if you want S2 and T2 later (in a couple of years), prices will have dropped and your total outlay over the two years will be fairly similar.



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Thanks for the replies. I basically use this to get Freesat - have Sky HD in the main room if I really need it.

I think I have decided to keep the S350 and then add a second card to one of the PCI-e slots. This way if ever one of the cards develops a fault I still have the other to receive TV with.

So which is the best card to get that does DVB-S and uses a PCI-e slot. The one I am thinking of getting is the S800F - purely because it seems to be the most competitively priced (and although I cannot make use of the DVB-T input yet - I would be able to if the PC was ever moved to somewhere with an aerial, and it would also mean if it was moved to somewhere without satellite input, but an aerial Id still be able to receive something).

I also see the S800F as a better choice than the 4000i because of the above and the fact its a third cheaper.

These do seem to be the only two models I can find so if anyone has any other models I should be looking at it would be appreciated (around the £50 mark I suppose as thats what the S800F is).


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Why oh why can you not get dual DVB-S tuner cards. You think you've found something only to find out that its dual DVB-S & DVB-[something else].

I was fortunate enough to have a spare PCI slot so fitted a VideoMate S350 along with my Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-HD-S2.

The VideoMate was only £23 but it sounds like your having to pay a premium just to have a PCI-e card. Have you considered a USB tuner?


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The only Dual DVB-S tuner card I have found easily is the hauppauge 4000i - which is PCI.

I have also now found this site - BuyDVB Ecommerce - which has a selection of cards.

I have deliberately dismissed USB as an option as I always find USB versions of PCI devices are never as good.

Definitely thinking the S800F is my best choice - then I can maybe upgrade in 2 or 3 years if the need arises.

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