DVB-C tuner & card reader recommendation?

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Just interested in users thoughts on a good DVB-C tuner (internal) + smart-card reader combo.
It's for a NDS/Videoguard2 encrypted system, I'm a paying subscriber & will continue to be one.
I merely want to integrate my Cable STB's functionality into my HTPC/PVR.

And for those whom are concerned, doing this is not illegal in Australia.*
Although it may be soon thanks to the FTA our Ex PM established with the US!

I intend to use:
OSCAM + SASC-NG + NewCamd + Myth** + TVHeadend + XBMC.

Not all readers are created equal, e.g. some allow for voltage adjustment so the smart-card can be "OC'd".
I don't envisage needing this so any Phoenix USB or PC/SC based reader, so long as it's mountable internally & externally will do.

I've found some that are mountable in a 3.5" bay, & some that have flash media read abilities included!
This seems like the way to go, so long as the flash media reader isn't crappier than the one in my case.***
[links to readers ytb inserted]

It may even turn-out that there's no spare 3.5" bays & the media reader built-in is not removable.
Hence why it's imperative that such a smart-card reader can also be mounted externally.

If you've had success with a PC/SC or Pheonix USB based reader, and it meets my requirements, please let me know!
(Smargo's ruled out because it's an external only reader)

On to the actual DVB-C tuner, I'm pretty much settled on two or three models:
[links to cards ytb inserted]

It really comes down which retailer in Europe offers decent price/support & is happy to ship to Oz.
Does anyone know of any good stores? Except for DVBshop, I found their pre-sales to be "lacking".

*I believe it's not illegal or against the provider's TOS in a few Euro countries too.
**I might end-up using VDR instead....
In which case SASC-NG/NewCamd would be scratched, & VDR-SC would be used.
***Not decided on a final case, and I won't be before I buy the tuner and card reader.
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Whilst your post is well intentioned, this is a UK based forum where primarily the vast majority of members are from the UK.

As you are aware, in the UK, connecting to the TV cable network with any equipment other than what's supplied by the service provider is strictly forbidden.

On that basis we do not allow discussions on this subject, whether legal in other countries or not.

Thread closed.
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