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Sir Mosley


Does anyone know why I can only get TV audio through my front right speaker, yet when I play DVDs all the speakers work fine.

I am using a Pioneer dv990 and one of the first pure flat Sony 32" TV's(forgot which exact model), using a scart lead from my dvd player to the TV.

I have tried several all pins connected scart leads, and still no luck :-(

Thanks for any ideas

Not sure about the 990 but guess its similar to 99 have you selected scart/ tv audio input/ in the system setup?
yup, I have that set correct in the system setup.

I got a feeling that it is somthing to do with the TV as when I connect my Sky digibox (via scart) to the speaker system, all speakers work fine with sky channels. But when I connect the TV via the scart socket(after disconnecting sky), sound only comes out the front right speaker :confused:

Also dvds work fine.

I am thinking of using the TV's RCA connections, is this as good as scart ?
I would say so could even be better.Have you only got one scart on the tv as all scarts do not always put audio out. Some have to be selected on the .tv menu as to output. Have a look at tv's manual. If you have to use phono you may have to look at the manual for reqirements.

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