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Am hoping to change my dv88 for a dv89 in the next couple of months can anybody comment on the dv89 as have just read a post on here saying someones having trouble playing everthing on his have had no problems playing reg 1 2 or 3 on my dv 88, yes i know i could have my player upgraded but i just cant justify the cost as will still be left with a 2+ yr old player


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I got the 89 and had prob's with a few of my disk's.
A couple of them now work, after giving them a good clean, but the other 2 dont and i have now found out that it was my disk's and not the player.
I took them to my dealer and tried them on there DV78 player and the probs were still there................evern on my kids pioneer the probs were still there and pioneers play anything.

I've never seen a 88 working, but i can say that i am well happy with the 89, both PQ and SQ is better than the denon it replaced.........evern my misses can see the diff in the PQ......and thats saying something, as she cannot normally tell one player from the other.....she's still got the hump thow, cos she cannot player her SACD's now.
Never mind.....its a small inconvenience, compared the the improvements i now have and my sacd of DSOTM still works in stereo..:devil:

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