dv89 - weird problem regarding sound


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hi everyone,

I recently purchased the arcam dv89 dvd player (6 mths ago), together with a pioneer vsx-ax5. I have had no problems with the units whatsoever until last night.
My mate brought along a dvd showreel from a friend of his, and upon watching the parts of that dvd appeared without sound. (there are several short movies, a documentary, etc)

What was even more weird is that upon viewing this silenced part i switched over to tv source on the amp, there was no sound from the tv either! reset the untis and go to tv source, everything ok. Pop another dvd in, watch a bit then turn over to tv source, everything ok. Stick the shoreel dvd in go to the part with no sound, switch to tv source, no sound again! You get the picture...

Then i play the showreel on the cheapo xbox dvd player and the whole dvd is working perfect.

Seems like either Arcam or the amp do not like the source sound for that particular part on the dvd.

Why this is happening is beyond me, i have been able to find out that these 2 parts without sound have been encoded in a different mpeg format than the rest of the dvd, so obviously this has something to do with it. A note here that production was definitely up to scratch as the dvd is from a cinematography student (burnt on a dvd-r thou)

But then, why does the xbox like it? After all i didnt pay this amount of money to get less compability and quality over my xbox!!

I guess that a software or firmware update might be in order and one of the first steps towards resolution, but as i said the units should be well in advance to the software running on the xbox mpeg decoding system.


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Try changing the player to output in just 2 channel.....connect it to the TV via a scart lead so then the sound will get sent to the TV speakers and try the disk again......
Hopefully then you should find out weather its the player that dosernt like the audio format or the amp.


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hmph, too late for that, he already took the dvd...

has anyone had similar problems with the dv89 unit at all?


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i had a few problems with disks feezing, but that was down to the disk's being knackered.
I never had one that just goes silent..............well not yet anyway.

Apart from them few disk's, which turned out to be nothing to do with the player, i have had no probs what so ever and am very happy with the player......it may be a lot of money and it has that annoying layer change, but BOY what a Picture and i love the sound of my CD's now ( just gotta try and figure out whats going on with my amp at the mo).

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