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This question has been bugging me for a while, maybe some of you have an answer :)

What determines good DVD playback? I have a DV89 and on some discs (like Sin City and Toy Story) the picture seems flawless - no grain or noise, great colours but then some DVDs ive seen recently - Saving Private Ryan and the first LOTR movie come to mind - seem to have "noise" on some scenes, like the background is shimmering slightly. Its only really there if i look for it, but you know how it is, once you start looking for flaws its easy to find them :)

Other than the above, i cant complain about the 89 at all. colours are really crisp and theres a ton of detail - again, the LOTR movie when you see close ups of Gandalfs face you can see all the detail. I do get the grain and noise on some HD programming too, HD seems to vary in quality by a huge margin (but thats for another thread :))

Im watching DVDs on a Toshiba 46HM84 DLP set, maybe that can add to DVD noise too? I think my final question would be is " is there a better player for picture quality that removes that noise or will it always be a limitation of the DVD format? My previous player was a Pioneer DV588 which i dont think showed the noise as much but didnt have the detail either.

Thanks for reading this rambling post :)


Dv89 has probably a sharper picture then your Pioneer , try to have a lower level of sharpness on your screen if possible.

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