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Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by chris, Apr 5, 2004.

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    romney marsh, kent, uk
    Has anyone got a copy of Disney's treasure planet R2 and that also own the DV89.....???
    I cannot get the english version to work.
    I put the disk in, select english and then it goes to the warning screen and just freeze's..........cannot do anything, apart from taking the disk out........the whole machine just freeze's.

    I can watch the film if i select the russian language, but i cannot read russian, so spoils the film a little.

    I dont think it is a knackered disk, like my others were, as i have tried it on another 7 players and it works perfect on them......seem's to be a prob with the player.
    But just want to check with others, before i have to go to all the trouble of getting the box down from the loft and hassle trying to get to the dealer..........:confused: :( .

    Or maybe if you own the 88 or 78 players and have this film, you could try it and let me know what happens.

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