DV88P Vs. DV78 or DV88+ ?


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Need some advice on this one. I have a DV88P thats only 4 months old and was thinking of swapping it over for either a DV78 or DV88+.

The DV88P is the model factory fitted with the SIL progressive scan board (which is supposed to be very good) but to be honest I only use RGB. My main concern is with CD and DVD playback on the audio side (DD / DTS). Do the newer models offer significant improvement in these areas over the DV88P ?



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Crustyloafer - how much is it as I may be getting a Pioneer plasma so HDMI will come in handy.

But is the DV79 better than the 88P for CD and DVD playback on the audio side ?


how about a swap for a dv88+ in silver. :D :D :D

is the dv88p better than the dv88+ for picture quality?

i have a mint dv88+ in silver.


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Jmack - if you use the progressive scan mode - yes I think it is better but someone else can hopefully confirm that on this thread.

My one is black though so it may not suit your setup. It's totally mint (as I said 4 months old) and as I dont use Progressive Scan I would be interested in a swap.


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I can spray paint it for a tenner extra :D

Seriously though can someone help with my questions please ?


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hi guys, I know you can buy the shells of arcam to swap your colors around if you want too.

Also, I have a DV88+p

Its the original DV88+ with the upgraded Sil503 board. The Sil503 board is better (faster moving) in progressive scan than the Vadis 5 but from what I understand with the the non progressive side of things that the Vadis 5 is better than the Vadis 3.


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