DV88 to plasma - best connections?


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I'm running an AVR300 with a [vintage!] DV88 DVD player, and am just about to get a Pioneer plasma PHP508XD.

What is the best connection option for me, given that theres no HDMI output on the DVD player? (or prog scan) Is it component?

Are there any worthwhile upgrades to the DV88, or should I consider a new player with more/better outputs? Have been VERY happy with the DV88 on a CRT 32" up until now...

Getting slightly confused about the plasma's ability to upscale, deinterlace etc....can anyone explain to me what the only/best options are for me here please? In words of one syllable, as things have changed quite dramatically since my first home cinema setup in 2001...need to catch up a bit with this upgrade!!

Thanks for any advice, on best cables too!!!:)



Component output from the DV88.

This will output the best connection quality from your DVD player.:smashin:


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