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I know that some of the regulars on this forum work for retailers. I would be very interested in hearing your views of the DV88 Plus when receive it. I would be particularly interested in the differences in CD replay as I am not sure I will see any difference in the DVD performance on my lowly CRT TV :(

Also I would like to thank John Dawson. His input into these forums reassures me that customer focus is not a dying art :D



I must admit seeing JD on these forums gives me more confidence in Arcam than Denon.

I'm eagerly awaiting the dv88+ as I was considering the denon 3800. Judging by the scathing comments on the customer service (or lack of) from Denon, the attitudes seem as different as chalk and cheese.

I do like my Denon AVC-1D amp and haven't had any problems with it. But judging by the plethora of negative comments concerning the 2800 and the MK II I am leaning towards the Arcam purely for after sales service in case i need it.

My local retailer is giving me a call when thier demo model arrives and I will be wandering down to get a side-by-side compare of the two machines. I've a grand in my pocket itching to be spent

lets hope they don't ship late.

Does anybody know if this model will be at the Manchester AV show?


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i'm also thinking in those players: arcam dv88+ and denon 3800, but i'm only interested in picture performance and multiregion replay!

when anyone compare the two post it!

(also the 3800 can play picture cds (kodak) - that's also a good extra for me!)

Since customer service has been made reference to this thread epecially related to Arcam, I have to say I for one am not impressed with the sort of pre sales customer support offered by Arcam and JD.

I know you can't please all the people all the time, but the lack of email response from not only Arcam but JD, has for one put this future customer off getting an arcam player.

Sorry don't mean to rain on Arcam's parade.



PS. hope the DV88+ is better than customer support!!


I think there is always things that fall through gaps and as you saying cant please everybody....

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