DV88 or DV78?


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I am going to view both of the above players at the weekend and am just looking for some advice really.

I know that the DV78 has pal/ntsc prog scan, but since the DV88 is not the plus model does this mean that it does not have pal prog scan? - does anyone know of costs involved in upgrading the player?

My existing DVD player has just died - this did not have prog scan at all as it was almost 5 years old.

So basically I need to know what the diff is between the DV78 and 88.

Not bothered about playing CD's, HDCD's etc just need a multiregion dvd player on a 37" plasma.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


John Dawson

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Hi John,

A plain DV88 has the Zoran Vaddis 3 processor and does not output progressive video as standard. A module is available to do this for £350 retail, when the unit is (somewhat confusingly) known as the DV88P.

The later DV88 Plus has the Zoran Vaddis 5 processor which is newer and better in a number of ways, though there is not much to choose between the two players in terms of basic video and audio quality, which is extremely good in both cases. However the 88 Plus includes PS support as standard via the Vaddis 5's excellent motion adaptive internal deinterlacer. It can be upgraded to support DVD-Audio (and DD/DTS decoding) at a later date.

The DV78 has very similar video performance to the DV88 Plus, including progressive scan video as standard. The digital audio output is similar too, though you lose a smidgeon on CD performance via the analogue outputs compared with the 88 Plus. It is however £300 less at retail than the 88 Plus.


John Dawson (Arcam)


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Originally posted by John Dawson
... Vaddis 5's excellent motion adaptive internal deinterlacer ...
John Dawson (Arcam)

So do you claim it is better than previously used Sil503/504 or was it maybe only easier to implement it since it is inside anyway?

I am somewhat confusedwith this one.


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I'm also looking at the DV78 option with an intended Panasonic PA20 37" plasma BUT am I going into the market with kit that is already lacking the new standard HDMI?? I'm really worried that ARCAM will bring out a HDMI player after my purchase but then why not equip the new DV78. Is the quality of picture already at that level? Views much appreciated.......Pete


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> So do you claim it is better than previously used Sil503/504 or was it maybe only easier to implement it since it is inside anyway?

No, he didn't say that.



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Took the DV78 and am really pleased with the results. Only running at RGB at the moment so no progressive output, however getting a component cable from Mark Grant this week - can't wait for that. My last player was a very old Pioneer 525 so the step up was vast especially on build quality, the Arcam runs very quietly compared to my 525.


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