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Does anyone know whether the upgrade board for the DV88+ that's coming out in 2003 will also decode SACD as well as DVD-A?



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I could be wrong but past posts from John Dawson (try a search) suggest no SACD. Not such a bad thing though as SACD isn't all it's cracked up to be in my opinion.

John Dawson

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The board will decode DVD-A in two and 6 channels.

To do SACD you would need to build most of a second player within the same box (different transport, back end chip set, outputs etc). Basically it's a non starter. However the 88 Plus will play the red book (CD) layer of SACDs to a very high standard, I would argue at a level comparable with the two channel SACD decoding of most basic SACD players. So why do you need SACD?

I noticed BMG announced support for DVD-A today. That leaves just Universal and Sony to commit from the big 5 record companies. I suggest that Sony will not allow themselves to be the last to commit - just my opinion of course, but you heard it here :)

John Dawson (Arcam)


Hey John, if the 88 will play the CD layer as good as a Sony 700 playing the SACD layer, surely the SACD layer on the 88 would be sensational.......

Seriously, it looks like your instincts toward DVD-A will be well founded as it seems to have suddenly gained the initiative. I just hope one of the formats survives as some of the recordings coming out are great. I think your post unwittingly shows one of the benefits of high-res audio. You can buy a £150 SACD or DVD-A player and get the same standard audio as a DV88 playing CD's. A great bonus for those on a tight budget.

I'm a SACD man at the no (my cheapo DVD player plays them) but I'm not bitter. I'm not bothered which wins really and if SACD dies I'll just keep all my recordings and be able to pick up a top-notch player dirt cheap in a year or two!


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