dv88 & analogue cables

john R1

have always used my dv88 through the digi cable for both dvd and cd replay, would i be better if i run analogue cables for the cd and if so would i need to alter any settings on the dv88 or just select cd on my 3802 thanks

major woody

Will it be better? You must decide for yourself. Just test it.

I own a dv78 and I find that analogue cables are far better in stereo. 'More' low an clearer middle and high. You should use quality interconnects though. Not the standard 'shoelace' models. I use MIT terminator 2 interconnects. Some people say you should spend about 15 to 25% of the price of your player on interconnects.

If you put your analogue interconnects into the cd entrance of your receiver and put the receiver on cd, than the analogue signal will be used. I don't think that you have to change any settings on your receiver / player (I guess the dv88 settings are generally the same as the dv78).

major woody

Originally posted by john R1
i have a spare set of q.e.d. phono leads i will give them a try see how it sounds

OK, keep us posted


make sure you set the av amp to direct mode. Stereo mode still uses the denons dacs iirc. Better still invest in an integrated amp:)

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