DV79 vs AVP700 for multichannel decoding?


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This may be a ridiculous question, but has anyone tried using their DV79 for dvd decoding rather than the AVP700 (using the analog multichannel input/output)?

I have until now assumed the AVP700's decoding would be vastly superior. I still suspect it is - I note the two units use different dsp chips - but the AVP700's performance in direct mode for two channel stereo has me wondering.

In my system, cd playback is much improved by using the DV79 dacs and connecting to the AVP700 via analog, with the AVP700 in direct mode. The digital connection, using the AVP700s dacs, sounds nowhere near as good. I think the AVP700 is essentially an overperforming analog preamp.

This raises the question of connecting multichannel via analog rather than digital. Obviously dvd-a would be connected via analog but has anyone tried the same for video dvds? I will try this myself, unless everyone says it's a complete waste of time!


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It is also worth bearing in mind that the AVP700 will have significantly more sophisticated and precise speaker management.

1. You can set the sepaker distances more accurately oln the AVP700.

2. Each speaker can be set to a distance independently of the others on the AVP700, on the DV79 the rear speaker settings are shared.

3. You have a wider range of speaker trim levels available on the AVP700, the DV79 only allows you to adjust downwards.

All that said, it is not a waste of time to compare them both, but I would be very surprised if the DV79 offered better results for DD and DTS decoding.

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