DV79 to AVR300 - digital or analogue?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by steventucker, Oct 13, 2004.

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    What's going to give me the best stereo sound:

    1. Connecting the DV79 to AVR300 using digital coaxial cable?
    2. Connecting the DV79 to AVR300 using good quality analogue cable?

    I keep switching between the two using the 'direct' button on the AVR300 but I am struggling to hear a huge difference. Perhaps the digital connection is a little less 'warm' and a little louder. The difference is very slight.

    I have two PMC DB1 speakers. I have set the DV79 to 2-channel bit stream and the AVR300 is set up for two large front speakers only and using channel 6&7 for bi-amping. Speaker impedance switch is set to 4.

    I suspect that both the AVR300 and DV79 are using the same DA converters and this could explain why they sound is similar. But this does not answer my question: Which method, digital or analogue, is in theory, going to provide the best quality sound?

    BTW Stereo music is superb either way – when trying out a demo of the AVR300 and seeing what it can do in stereo I suggest that you make sure it’s set up correctly and use suitable speakers (not sats) before making a judgement or comparing with other AV receivers. Make sure you bi-amp.
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    That figures, as the DAC's in both are very good.
    But if you use the analog link you can set the sensitivity in the Setup.

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