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DV78 Warranty !


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I have an Arcam DV78 DVD player which I inherited (on long term loan) from my brother when he went to work in Hong Kong 10 months ago. He bought the unit from a shop in London's Tottenham Court Road which has now closed and the original invoice was lost (along with other documents/possessions) during the move to HK.

I have had no problems with the DV78 but I am concerned that should a major fault develop in the future, Arcam will not repair the unit as I cannot produce an original proof of purchase from an Arcam dealer.

Any comments would be much appreciated. Thankyou


If you register the purchase of any Arcam equipment (via supplied card in the box or on the internet) then Arcam will have a record of when the DVD player was bought and therefore should be able to help you if the unthinkable should happen.
All Arcam Diva units are sold with a 2 year warrenty, therefore if you have had it for 10 months and your brother for a while before that then the chances are that the warrenty has almost, if not already expired.



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Thanks for the post.

My brother is one of those people that never registers a product (or reads the instructions). I know for a fact that he didn't register the DV78. I don't think the unit can be out of warranty as, as far as I am aware, the DV78 has not been around for two years yet.

Matt Horne

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If thats the case then you should be fine.. why not call arcam and see what they say..



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Without proof of purchase you may have to rely on Arcam honouring the warranty from the date it was built rathaer than the date it was bought.

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