DV78 Software and manufacture date !


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The cardboard box of my DV78 states that it is installed with software version 4.12 but this forum shows that the latest software for the DV78 is version 2.16. Can I assume that the information on the box is incorrect and, if so, do I have to contact Arcam directly for the latest software or is it available to download ?

Additionally, I would like to know when my DV78 was manufactured. Is there a list available that I can cross reference my machines serial number with ? The last six digits of the serial number are 001809 so I assume this makes it machine number 1809 and, if so, does anyone know when it was manufactured ?



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I think you may have read the sticky wrong, the software version of DV78 is up at v5.25 now http://www.avforums.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1730432&postcount=18 :)

If you contact your dealer who sold you the DV78, they'll be able to get the latest software, or you can contact Arcam direct and they will send you the latest software. By installing the software yourself you are doing it at your own risk, that's why its better for some to get the dealer to do it. However the DVD's upgrades are fairly easy, as long as you follow the instructions ;)

Sorry but it is not available to download anywhere.

As for the serial numbers, sorry can't help you out with that one, hopefully someone else will.




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Does anyone please have the latest DV78 5.25 software on a DVD disc that I can borrow and return? I will obviously pay postage both ways.


Matt Horne

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Ring Arcam they should send you it...thoughI'll check I may it .. cannot remember what the last version was I put on my DV88+


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I have been in contact with Arcam and they have told me that they DO NOT send out software disks and that I should contact my local dealer (28 miles away) who will upgrade the unit "free of charge".

I consider the time and petrol involved in making a 56 mile roundtrip to my local Arcam dealer in order to have my DVD player software upgraded a costly excercise.

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