DV78 - can SCART + COMPONENT output simulataneously?


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May 3, 2001
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(Background: I'm looking for a convenient solution for ONE DVD player to drive both a large CRT TV (via SCART), and my projector (via component). - i.e. so my wife /kids can use either, without ever having to enter a setup menu)

Simple question: Can the Arcam DV78 output RGB on SCART as well as COMPONENT (either progressive or interlaced) without setup changes in menu?

Follow-up alternative: if above option is not possible, can it output S-Video on SCART at same time as COMPONENT?

Thanks for any info - time spent with John Dawson at Event2 convinced me to put Arcam at the top of my shopping list - but Wife/Child friendly issues still have to come into it.

On the DV78 you cannot output component and RGB-S simultaneously - the same 3 video DACs are used for component and RGB so this is not possible.

You can output interlaced component (or RGB-S) and s-video simultaneously; you will need to take the s-video from the s-video socket though, not the SCART one. I believe suitable adaptor leads are available from the usual vendors.

You cannot in general output progressive and interlaced video simultaneously on DVD players. One exception is the DV27 family and any of the DV88/89 family with the added Silicon Image progressive scan board.


John Dawson (Arcam)
Thanks for the reply. In which case, its either a "PRONTO MACRO" solution, or I need to go further up the (Arcam) foodchain.

Thak again for you time
Originally posted by John Dawson
On the DV78 you cannot output component and RGB-S simultaneously - the same 3 video DACs are used for component and RGB so this is not possible.

in conjunction with this statement on page 5 of the manual:
If you use component video outputs, you must ensure that the SCART socket is not used. Similarly, if the SCART socket is used, disconnect the component video leads

This would imply that I couldn't go with my (MACRO driven) plan of reconfiguring the menu to switch between RGB from SCART for TV, or COMPONENT to projector ... as I'd also have to crawl under the AV rack, and swap cables etc.

This is either belt-and-braces safety from ARCAM manual writers, or reflects a genuine concern of the additional line driver loads etc. due to both connectors being in use.

Anyone here use the menu switch technique anyway - with confidence?

John - would you deem this unwise - and point me at DV27 etc. instead?

Thanks for any further feedback.
Actually with the DV78 (but not some earlier designs) you should be able to use the component outputs and the SCART simultaneously as they are separately buffered with 75 ohm resistors and there is enough grunt in the video op amps to drive two loads. So the manual writer was being cautious.

That's what the DV78's designer tells me; though being a serious sort of video engineer he reckons you may lose a smidgeon of quality that way :)

If trials show that there is visible degradation when driving two displays then I would revert to the s-video output (or even composite) for your TV. Remember you can get S-video to SCART adaptor leads to make life easy.


John Dawson (Arcam)
Thanks for the (very fast) reply John - just what I wanted to hear.

I really appreciate your time.
(Time to buy I think!)
Charles Gardner

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