DV78 : awesome but...



Hi all,
Last week, I bought the new DV78 to replace my CD62T.

The audio and video output is excellent.
Pal to ntsc conversion (important for me) is really good.
Awesome product, awesome price. I'm happy. Thank you.


I takes 8 to 12 secondes to load an audio cd !!!
I know this unit is "primarily" a dvd player but come on !
Since Arcam dvd players are advertised and praised as being excellent cd players, it is not acceptable.

The format scan order is DVD->SVCD->VCD->CD.
Who is responsible for this ?!

Does anyone know if the DV78's firmware is upgradable like the DV88 ? If it is, I really wish they will add an option in the setup menu to change the scan order, in the next firmware.



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Both player s'ware and drive firmware are upgradeable ...

What is your current software version number ... latest for DV78 is 4.18.0 ... might improve load speeds ?




Thanks Jon, that's reassuring to know.

I have 4.12 LT76.

How can I know which improvements have been done on each revision ?
I will try to bother my dealer only when it's important.

Can anyone with a 4.18 tell me how fast is cd loading ?

Thanks !


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is in another post but cut'n'pasted here ... doesn't mention load speeds specifically though ... maybe one for Andy or John to answer ??

Here are the release notes:

- Correction to support for “PL” button on CR-415 remote control.
- Minor corrections to bass management for MLP.
- Pro Logic “Auto” setting now works correctly with HDCD discs.
- Front panel navigation menu item added.
- Separate audio delay settings for PAL and NTSC now replace the original “Audio delay” menu item of the “Audio” page.
- Player responds more quickly to the command to come out of stand-by.
- Removal of screen corruption when switching between Setup menu and Programme menu.
- Fixed Programme menu for DVDs.
- Skip-back for DVDs now works as for CDs (skips to beginning of current chapter / track, not to the beginning of the previous chapter / track.
- Problem of screen going blank in interlaced mode when switching between PAL / NTSC is fixed.
- Support for DV78 RS232 control.




Interesting. Thanks Jon,

I will check the status of the revision distribution network in Canada with my dealer.

I like this forum very much.
Maybe we should have a sticky post reserved for kindly submitting firmware suggestions.



Hey, it's me again.

I have the DV78 since 3 weeks now and I officially miss my CD62T when I listen to audio cds.
I already ranted about the slow loading of audio cds and sadly, I did not got used to it.

And now, there's more...

Fast foward and rewind
1. When you press fast forward or rewind, the player starts playing the track at high speed and it doesn't stop if you release the button !
You have to press back the play button to stop scanning the track.
I understand it's done that way to provide more than one scanning speed but it's simply not useful, especially the way the buttons are placed on the remote (Play is far from the FF).

2. It's annoying that the output level is not lowered while scanning a track.

3. Let's say you want to hear the end of track 2 again. Usually, you would go to track 3 and rewind. Well you can't. On the DV78, you cannot rewind from a track to a previous one.

Fade in
Now in the weird department.
If you press play or skip to a track, the beginning will be missing. It seems the first 300ms are faded in. No joke.

Now, I need your opinion.
Are those things normal ?
Did I simply expected too much from a dvd player ?

If the answer is "yes", I wish i'll be able to get back my CD62 from my dealer...

If the answer is "no", is this the kind of modification we can wish to get in a future firmware revision ?

Thank you,

ps : Sorry for ranting like that, I just wanna live happily with my divas.


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I can't remember where I read this, but loading the CD for playing is always going to be the slowest media. As the DV27/78/88 are primarily DVD players, they will always look for a DVD disc first, followed by VCD and any other video based disc, to be followed lastly by good old CD. This is always going to be the case as far as I can tell. I’m sure plenty of other Arcam owners will agree with this.
I think that the latest software (4.18.0) may help you on your rewind/previous track problem.
At the end of the day however, Arcam’s DVD players do what they say on the box, but are also excellent CD players to boot. If you want all the bells and whistles of a dedicated CD player, then you need “deeper” pockets and have the luxury of both machines. This I think, for me anyhow, would defeat the whole object of having a high quality, one box solution.

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