DV3750 'in the uk'


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Is there a pricing error as the link actually points to the DV3250 but quotes all the DV3750 specs, even though the 3250 is above @ £849.

If is it a pricing mistake maybe I should shut up and just order one quickly, as thats the resolution I want for my HTPC.


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I noticed that too. I suspect it is just the model name that is incorrect and that it is indeed referring to the 3750.
The price is reasonable when one considers the euro price it is going for on the continent

I looked in the online manual and only saw a max resolution of 1024x768. A bit appalling and the reason I wouldn't consider buying this unless there is a work-around.


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Contacted Komplett and indeed the £999.99 product is the DV3750, they will change the wrong code today.

How good of a buy is this screen for a £1000 then?


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There is already a thread here. Is it neccessary to start another one ? :(

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