DV29 vs. DV79: Any differences at all in video processing? (component interlaced)


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Hello everybody,

I was just wondering if someone here in the forum knows if there are any differences at all in the video processing (drive, video hardware and/or software) between the DV79 and the DV29, especifically for interlaced component video?
I know that since the FMJ line usually mean a mechanically more stable product there might be advantages with that, but I was thinking more about other differences.

I have read some reviews of the two players, as well as "surfed the webb" a bit, but not really found any definitive information (most sources say they should be mostly the same).
And yes, it is quite possible that my search has been less than adequate.... :blush:

The reason I ask is this (to make a short story too long :) ):
I currently own the DV-27 (not DV-27A).
I have borrowed a DV79 from my dealer to check if it would be interesting for me to switch to that one.
With the DV-79 I have tried interlaced component, progressive component and HDMI, and found interlaced component to be the best.
Even though it is good, the DV79 is still not "good enough" on interlaced component to make an upgrade "economically intelligent".
If the DV29 is different from the DV79 I could possibly get my dealer to order one and let me try that instead.

Of course I could be happy with the current situation, since the picture from the DV-27 is quite good (especially on interlaced component), but since there are some minor "compatibility problems" between the DV27 and my projector, I would not mind getting a new DVD-player.

I am using the InFocus 7210 projector and Monster M1000cv (M Silver Video) component cables.
When I tried HDMI I used an Audioquest HDMI-2 cable.

Any and all info. appreciated!


This Thread was asking advice between a DV27 and a DV29 and therefore should help to answer all/most of your questions. :smashin:



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Hi Json,

If you check out this the following threads you should find some answers and opinions to your queries, if not, please post back with some more and we'll try to help out :)


These are the most recent threads asking similar questions on the performance of DV27/79/29 DVD players. You can find them and more by using the search function ;)

By the way, I have a DV29, connected up to my Infocus 5700 via Chord 10M HDMI, and I love the picture. I took a big jump from Sony DVD player with Scart on a TV onto the DV29 via HDMI onto the 5700, so for me there was a heck of a difference. But for you using interlaced component, you may not see much of a difference.



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