dv29 to av300 for DD/DTS


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Hello Arcamites.

I currently have my DV29 hooked up to my AV300 via a digital co-ax cable so using the AV300 for DD/DTS decoding and D/A for DVD's.

My questions are:

Are the decoder/DAC's in the DV29 more superier for both Movies and Music (DVDA's not CD's as I already use the Analoge inputs for CD's) so should I be using the MCH input on the AV300 with 6 phono cables?

If so, what interconnects for the multichannel can people suggest? Looking to spend about 100-150 on interconnects for MCH. Is that about right?

Thanks for any help you guys can give.



Why spend that much on IC's?

Look on the forums for Mark Grant cracking they are.Or the bay for some Gotham's, very good!


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You would be better of using the MCH input for DVD-A. All decently manufactured shielded analogue interconnects will sound the same: look at spending about £45 for the 3 pairs of leads (total).


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Thanks Philb and Mark. I have ordered some cables from Mark Grant.

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