DV29: Is it futureproof?


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Looking at the Bristol show yesterday 1080i/P looks the business and is a significant step-up(in my eyes) from 720.

I was considering a HD projector that will support that format.

Looking at the spec of the dv29 it appears that it won't support that format.

Does this mean it won't work with the projector or will the projector upscale and does this mean I need to move it on?



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DV29 is a DVD player. DVDs are 576i or 480i. So *someone* has to deinterlace and upscale the DVD content for your projector, anyway. If your projector has a good video processor built in, you should leave all that to the projector. Otherwise I'd suggest to complete your setup with an external video processor, which is probably the best solution for optimal image quality, anyway.

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