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Only if you set the audio output to the "2CH/Bitstream" Mode. This means that the DV29 will only ever output 2 channel audio via its analogue outputs.

Basically the second set of FL and FR outputs on the DV29 are always duplicating what the FL and FR outputs which are part of the multi-channels outputs. Therefore if you are playing a 5.1 disc and you have set the player to output 5.1 via analogue (6 Ch/Bitstream) then both sets of FL and FR outputs will only be outputs the FL and FR information for the 5.1 soundtrack. The only way to get a stereo downmixed signal is to set the output to the "2 CH/Bitstream" mode in which case you will only ever get a 2 channe downmixed signal from either set of the FL and FR outputs.

The newer machines offer a bit more flexibility allowing full 5.1 out of the multi-channel analogue outputs whilst always simultaneously outputing a 2 channel downmixed version via the dedicated stereo only ouputs.


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Thanks for the clarification. I am very excited as I decided to make a move and am selling my DV78 to a friend and purchased a 2nd hand DV29 today. I should have the new unit in 10 days or so, I can't wait.


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Be great if you posted your thoughts once you get it. I have a DV78 which I have huge respect for and don't really need DV139 capabilities. Nevertheless, always on the lookout for upgrade opportunities so good when one can pick up on real life comparisons.:)


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Hi, I am new to the forum. I recently upgraded from a DV78 to a DV29 and thought I would share my impressions.

When I first bought the DV78 I was impressed by it's redbook cd play. I do not have an HDTV (yet) nor do I have multichannel, just good old stereo. The DV78 to me sounded very clean and dynamic even compared to the Primare D30.2 I also had at the time.

I went to my local dealer and had a chance to listen to the DV29 and then the DV139 on McIntosh preamp, mono blocks and Magnepan MG3.6 system. First let me say that on redbook cd and DVD-Audio to me the DV29 was every bit as good as the DV139. I know others have said that the DV139 is better, but to my ears it wasn't.

I ended up purchasing one of the last brand new DV29s from the US distributor (Audiophile Systems Inc). The fact that they were cutting deep discounts didn't hurt.

I gave the DV78 to my brother but before I did I compared it to the DV29 after a couple of days of run in. The DV29 to me has better detail resolution with better dynamic contrast, but the most significant difference was in it's ability to distinguish individual instruments and vocals in the soundstage. And it did this without sounding dry or clinical or any less engaging. So, the net improvement to me was not subtle. In fact I sold the Primare because I think the DV29 is a better CD player.

FYI, the rest of my system is a Bryston BP6 preamp, Bryston PP300SST mono blocks and Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers.

Enjoy your new DV29. I have a good feeling you will.

Cheers! Al


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Great first post there. Welcome to the forums, another1:smashin:

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