DV29 + DAC for CD replay?


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I am still waiting for the outcome of the MS-250/CD36 debate. In the meantime I am wondering if the purchase of a good quality DAC might give me the CD quality I am looking for. Is this a good idea? Does the DV29 act well as a transport? What brand should I consider to get CD36ish sound (if possible)? What cabling is best (type - I am partial to Cardas) I would appreciate any feedback offered. I am very torn as to what solution if going to get me great CD sound for the least expense as I am seriously considering the MS-250 if it is ever released. HELP!!


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I just added the Benchmark DAC1 to my configuration. Comparing it to my DV88plus and the AVP700, it is more dynamic, has more powerfull bass, a bigger soundstage and much more detailed. I have only been running it for a couple of hours, so there is still potential for improvement. The quality of sound must be comparable to the CD 36. I prefer the DAC route as it gives so much more flexibility. Try it, you won't be disappointed.


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How is it connected? How tough is the setup? Thanks for the comment.

Anyone else have anything to share? I know the Benchmark is a great DAC any other ones to consider?
Thanks all.


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I run an HTPC (Home theater PC) with a Benchmark DAC-1 and I'm very happy with the package. The DAC sounds a lot better the AVR300 DACS but I haven't tested against an Arcam CD player.

For me, I choose a DAC to make use of the HTPC, it allowed me to get great sound that could travel across both zone 1 & 2. I could store all my CDs in a loseless format and its flexible in that anything with PCM (like concert DVDs) can be used wih it. In terms of why I chose the DAC-1 it was a case of it sounded great and had great reviews.

On the whole the experiment with the HTPC is succesful, the ability to use it as a PVR, a DVD player (using DVI) and a general PC is nice. The flexibility it gives you is quite amazing. Its finicky though seemed to take ages to set up and even with new fans is a little noisy.

Will the MS-250 sounds a neat piece of kit and my HTPC can't touch it for ease of setup, looks, ease of operaton, number of zones and custom install features, I think its still seems expensive. Ultimately I think with the DAC-1 and a reasonble PC with a 400GB drive you can get something that would sound as good (for a single zone), be nearly as usable and a lot cheaper.

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