DV135 or 137 for SACD and DVD-AUDIO payback, is there a big difference?


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I want to add SACD and DVD-AUDIO playback to my 2 channel system. The ideal

candidate seems to be the Arcam DV 135. Has anybody compared the difference in 2

channel playback of these formats between the 135 and 137 or even between the 135 and


I don't want to fork out for extra video processing if I don't need it. However if

there's going to be a major difference in 2 channel audio I would be happy to cough


Also would anybody expect a big difference between these players when using it as a

transport only (ie playing redbook CD via SPDIF to a high end DAC)?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


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The DV135 doesn't have SACD playback. You need the DV137 or the DV139.

I bought a DV137 for SACD replay and wish I'd spent the extra 30% for the DV139.

I would expect the DAC in the DV139 to be a high-end DAC and see no point spending a lot of money on the 139 just to use it as a transport.


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The DV135 does have SACD playback - it just doesn't have 5.1 outputs. It will playback stereo from both SACD and DVD-A.

Strange. The spec sheet on arcam's site for the 135 doesn't mention it as a supported disk type (also dvd-a is missing too) but it does on the 137.


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http://www.arcam.co.uk/prod_diva_DV135_intro.cfm describes it as a "universal" player - this generally means both SACD and DVD-A. If you download the owners manual from that page, SACD is listed as a supported disc type in the appendix at the back.

Also, if you download the product brochure on that page, it lists "DVD-Video, VCD, DiVX, CD audio plus stereo DVD-Audio & SACD" among the features.

I'm still not sure why anyone would actually want a stereo-only high-def audio player, as I only ever listen to the surround mixes on SACDs and DVD-As, but I guess there must be a market. They do seem to be available for £500 as opposed to the original RRP of £1000, so I'd guess demand wasn't that great.

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