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    I’m looking for advice on a new camcorder, I’m planning on upgrading from Digital 8.

    I’m considering one of the Sony range of Mini DV’s.

    The must haves on the shopping list are under £750, (internet price), DV output and true widescreen / anamorphic output. Prime consideration is picture quality. The main use will be for editing on computer and transferring to DVD for viewing on a 36” widescreen CRT, (Panasonic TX-36PD30).

    Medium size would be ok, though small is acceptable as long as picture quality isn’t sacrificed and the controls aren’t overly cluttered or fiddly. Larger sizes would be considered as long as there are clear benefits with picture quality.

    Models I’m considering include the Sony DCR-HC85 and DCR-TRV60.

    I know I’ve said the budget is £750 but I may be willing to push it a bit if there was a significant increase in picture quality for the price, (e.g. I’ve seen a DCR-PC330 on Pricerunner for £925.

    I also don’t mind considering other models apart from Sony.

    Any advice?

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