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As a total novice to DV, I bought a JVC DVL160 camcorder at the last minute to video my daughters' wedding. I did'nt realise that the DV-in back to the camera is non-operative, even with a DV enabler.
Having produced some good edits with Uleads Video Studio 6 and firewire card bundle, I now need to copy back to s-video on my VCR.
As the s-video out on my Geforce 3 Titanium 200 card is "scrambled" I need a VGA to s-video converter which will give me full screen video to the VCR, without black borders. Anybody out there using one they can recommend....Many thanks.

Duncan Craig

What do you mean by scrambled S-Video?
Can you repair it, cos I expect it will be a lot easier and cheaper that a VGA to S-video convertor.

S-video consist of 2 signals down on cable, the luminance (black and white), and the chrominance (colour part of the signal).

Your scrambled signal could be due to the Luminance signal being missing, the Chrominance signal on its own could give you a very odd rolling picture, but the Chroma on its own will simply be black and white.

The Chroma is added to the luma to give a full picture.

I don't know anything about your card, but someone should be able to advise you about setting to try and get it working again..



Thanks for the info Duncan, the video card seems to fire up O.K.
but once Windows has loaded the frequency seems to go off, that is, the picture is there but with diagonal lines. Talking to someone else earlier he tells me that you sometimes can't get a full screen picture in TV Out mode?
Many Thanks again..

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