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Apr 22, 2002
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Hi all,

I finally got my new pc set up, and have linked in my camcorder.

I'm new to this, but have managed to get the footage onto the pc, and edited it using Studio 7. I now want to make a DVD of the footage, so that I can pass it on (baby footage to Grandparents!), I created the movie as an MPEG1, and MPEG2.

Can I save this to CD, and then will the CD play through the DVD player (standalone, not PC)? I tried, but the DVD says "No disc", ie it is not reading it.

IS this to do with the format that I have saved the footage in, or the way that it has been written to the CD? (I have nero, but didn't use it, I just used the XP "write this to CD" option?

Please help a relative novice, get footage to his relatives!

Problem - format, burning method, CD / DVD ???


Presumably you want to make a VCD or a SVCD, rather than a DVD as you talk about CD's.

The format of a VCD is different to that of a data CD. A DVD player
will not play a data CD.

There is a facility in Nero to make a VCD or a SVCD, as well as the normal data CD's. To make a VCD the video must be converted to an MPEG1 file, and MPEG2 for a SVCD. Both must comply with the standards. Presumably you used Studio 7 to make the MPEG1/2 so it should be compatible.

A good description of how to use Nero to author a VCD or a SVCD is on:-


Remember that a few DVD players will not play VCD's and many will not play SVCD's. Also many DVD players will not read CD-R's, but more will read CD-RW's. The above website also shows DVD player compatabilty tables.

The quailty of the MPEG1's produced by Studio 7 is not very good. To get a major improvement in quality, render the video to DV, and use TMPGEnc to convert to MPEG1 or 2. If you use the optimum settings the quailty will be the very best you will achieve with the format. TMPGEnc can be downloaded from the web, and the free version has a 30 day time limit on the MPEG2 encoder.

thanks very much for the reply.

It appears that I was just writing the MPEG as data to the CD, so you're spot on with your explaination.

Whats the difference between VCD and SVCD?

BTW, the first link you gave doesn't seem to work. Is it correct? Maybe the website is just down?


Some DVD players do not play CDR but do play CDRW. If this applies to you use the correct blank disc when making your VCDs. The typical error that is displayed is "no disc".
aha, make sure you don't mistype and miss out the C, or advise on crabs might be received
The website address has changed the new one is : http://www.vcdhelp.com/

The differences between VCD and SVCD are that VCD's use MPEG1 encoding with a fixed bitrate, whilst MPEG2 use variable rate and a higher bitrate. Both use the same frame size.The quailty is therefore better with SVCD but at the expense of playing time from a CD. Also far fewer DVD players can play SVCD's.

The above website gives more information.

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