DV tape capture and storage format advice


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I am looking for some advice re. how best to capture and store the content of numerous DV tapes I have.

My requirement is to capture the content of the tapes to enable me to store (on a hard drive?) and play them via a netowrk on my Bravia TV (and potentially other devices).

What is the best format to capture the footage to?
I have a Panasonic DVD recorder which can be used to save the footage directly to DVD. Would it be advisable to do this first and then copy the contents of the DVDs to my hard drive (again - in which format?)

I have used Windows Movie Maker in the past and saved the results as .AVI files. These use up a lot of disk space and it takes a long time for their creation in Windows Movie Maker....

Thanks. I hope you can help!


The native Bravia DLNA system does not seem to be very good at streaming my videos from my network hard drive. I have tried outt OpenELEC (XBMC) through my Raspberry Pi and it looks like this should perform better (from my early experiments...)


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I did all mine to MP4 still takes up a fair bit of room 2-3 gb per tape, but I used best quality I could.


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I have converted a few to MP4 now (using handbrake) and they look good through the Rapberry Pi/OpenElec/XMBC.

I have an issue with one of my videos though where the sound on the MP4 version appears to be "garbled" from about 10 minutes in (2nd item on the tape?). The original AVI plays fine through my PC on WMP.

I have another question though !
Is there a tool (free?) I can use to convert to widescreen (from 4:3) whilst converting to MP4?

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