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I’ve been video editing for a year on a machine with only an 80gig hard drive and burning to SVCD and struggling lately for space and intend to upgrade. Having taken a look at the forum posts I can’t seem to find any mention of System configuration for Digital Video.

My system: Running win98se, 80gig 7200 Hd, 512ddr, xp2000, CD burner, DVD reader.

Intended upgrade: Second 80gig hd, DVD burner and Win XP oem, on a dual boot system, I would like to retain my CD burner for the copy option.

My question is: What would be the best way to configure the cabling of the four units, ie master/slave/ide channel, DVD and CD burner, to get the optimum performance. Also I’m not sure about what would go where regarding os systems and programmes (re: partitioning of C and D drive), and would keep new hd for picture and video storage.

Any help regarding this update would be appreciated.
I have the hard drives as master & slave on the the first channel & then DVD writers as master & slave on the 2nd. I don't experience any problems (dropped frames etc) with the hard drives, or any problems burning either with this set up.

You want to do all your video editing on NTFS file system (so no Windows 98SE)

You might want to consider something like boot magic for dual operating systems (I use it) , it makes it all pretty easy & comes with partition magic.

I have a setup similar to what you are looking at performed with partition magic & boot magic.

I have

Disk 1
Windows 98SE FAT32 drive C
Windows XP Pro NTFS drive C

Disk 2
NTFS formatted drive for just video capture/editing under XP

When you boot you get a splash screen to choose which operating system you want to boot to. If you boot to 98SE in these circumstances the XP C drive & disk 2 are hidden.

If you boot to XP Pro the 98SE C is hidden.

Get as big a 2nd hard drive as big as you can ;)
My HDD & DVD/CD drives are configured the same as vonhosen and my PC was a preconfigured NLE setup, so it must be the best option!
Agree that the new drive should be as big as possible, and with 160Gb drives at under £80 there does seem to be little reason to get another 80Gb drive. The new drive should bve NTSC as this means you can capture files over the 4Gb limit of FAT32 (about 16 minutes).
All software should be installed on the boot drive and ONLY captured/edited footage on the new drive.

IDE channel 0
master - boot drive
slave - video drive

IDE channel 1
master - DVD burner
slave - CD burner

Many thanks guys for your info, will give your suggested configuration a go. Unfortunately, an 80gig hd was a recent birthday surprise!! One last question, will I be able to transfer my win98se edited footage to the newly formated NTFS drive?
Your difficulty doing that is that if your edited footage is on the same partition as the Windows 98SE OS you will have booted to 98SE & not be able to see the NTFS drive (98SE can't see NTFS drives).

If you have dual boot & booted to XP OS partition you will be able to see the NTFS drive but your 98SE partition (& your video if it's on it) won't be visible.

Can't you print your edited DV footage back to DV tape & then when you have XP installed capture it back to your new NTFS drive ?

Or if you edited footage has already been compressed to MPEG-2 for example burn these as data files onto a DVD-RW before bringing them back to your NTFS hard drive ?
Vonhosen, as you can tell I'm a complete novice regarding dual systems!!! I already archive edited footage back to DV and burn a SVCD. I think the best way to go for me would be to configure the new drive with both OS and applications and wipe the old drive, after backing it up and using that for storage. A nice clean install:smashin:

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