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    I have just read the article entitled 'Off your Trolley' by Dave Shapton in the september issue of CU and was amazed by what it said! The article praises the Rt.X100 and Matrox for a technology that was first developed by Canopus 5 years ago with the introduction of the DV Rex! Today the Canopus have a number of products that use what is termed 'Scalable Technology' including the Raptor-RT, DVStorm and RexRT-Pro. Unlike the RT.X100 the Storm can handle up to 5 Streams of moving video in realtime and the RexRT-Pro 7 Streams as well as unlimited titles or graphics (depending on the spec of your computer) whereas the RT.X100 still only handles 2 streams of video and 2 title streams in real time!

    Products such as DVStorm have now been around for the best part of 2 years and people who bought this product then are reaping the rewards of buying a product that is truly scalable! They have seen it's capabilities increase in the number of streams it can handle and the number of effects that can be applied in realtime for no extra outlay!

    So in summary the future is not just now as Dave's article states but have been here for at least 5 years - in the form of Canopus Realtime editing products.
    Colin Morris
    Canopus UK
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    Much as it pains me to agree with a manufacturer, I have a Matrox RT200 and a Canopus Storm SE and Colin is essentially correct.

    The Matrox teeters on the 'bleeding edge' of the technology and often falls over it. The Storm is a workmanlike tool only hampered by the somewhat clunky Premiere interface.

    Now, if Storm worked with something like Vegas Video 3 (Not necessarily Vegas) we'd really be cooking.

    Storm is much closer to my ideal of a transparent tool. Something where you don't have to be looking over your shoulder every two seconds in case it crashes.

    Fluidity of operation and solidity should be the core virtues, not the features list!

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