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I've got a Panasonic NV-DA1B Camcorder and recently purchased a Dell PC to do proper NL DV editing. I had to purchase separate firewire card from Ebay that i've installed and XP seems happy with, however on connecting the camcorder the PC sees nothing. There is no sound to indicate that a new device has been attached and trying to add new hardware does not recognise the device at all.
Today I connected a colleagues Sony to the firewire card on my new machine and XP detected it straight away which rules out a faulty firewire card. I have also tried my camcorder on my colleagues machine (a different firewire card) and it doesn't work either.

This leaves me to think that either

1) My camcorder is not compatable with XP.
2) The firewire (iLink) port on my camcorder is faulty.

I have tried looking for drivers for this camcorder on the internet but can't find them anywhere. The camera is around 4-5 years old I think. I have XP SP1 installed and am running directx 9. I have also installed a microsoft patch to fix a problem with panasonic camcorders not enumerating but this hasn't fixed my problem.

Anyone recommend anything else to try here ?



Some DV equipment can be very problematic if it is not connected and powered on in the correct order. Try doing it as follows:

Turn off the PC.
Plug DV cable to cam & PC.
Switch on cam.
Boot PC
Start the editing programme.

The above is the correct order. Normally you can connect DV devices whilst the PC is powered on, but as I said sometimes it can cause problems. Never start the editing/capture software before the cam is connected as it is very unlikely to detect the cam if you do.
If the above doesn't work then it sounds like a faulty camcorder to me.


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