DV or AVI format for vhs conversion



I must choose between these 2 formats for import.

I know(i think) that both are high quality formats. But which to use.

Is DV better for later archiving.

Are both the same as for editing?

Please help.



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AVI is only a container format for a video file and is not a specific format in itself and does not say how the file was ( or will be in your own case ) encoded: As such your question is a bit ambiguous

This long post from another forum explains in more detail

As such it will describe DV AVI, Windows AVI and , all of which can have different codecs ( Canopus, Pinnacle, Avid) and even mpeg4 ( Divx/Xvid) Have the "avi" extension as does mjpeg ( used a lot by digital stills to do video)

For example a 60 min video can be > 40 Gb as an uncompressed (windows) AVI. the same footage as DV AVI will take up 13Gb, and as mpeg4 at HQ 700Mb.
Most video editing software expect to edit DV AVI which for all intents and purposes is virtually identical to Uncompressed AVI without the huge size

Mpeg 4 is very compact and good quality but is not really a format for which editing is expected.

Have you considered mpeg2 for archiving? It combines good PQ with a smaller size and is editable,and encoded in the right way can directly be used to make DVDs

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