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    There have been several questions lately about viewing or burning date and time or timecode into DV video frames, so I thought I'd add this to the list of tools....

    There's new tool for DV called "DVMP Basic". It plays DV AVI files while displaying the timecode, date and time, shutter speed, aperture, image stabiliser on/off, white balance, gain, audio details. All displayed frame-accurate as the video plays. You can also frame step back/forward, or jump to next/previous scene.

    DVMP Basic is free for personal (non-commercial) use.

    The Pro version lets you burn all, or just selected items of the above info into the video frames, or export them to a CSV text file.

    The Basic and Pro versions are both single executable files. They do not install any codecs or DLLs on your system, so they are simple and safe to use.

    The Basic version is here:


    and the Pro version is here


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