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    Having spent several years in analogue video and with associated equipment I want to update to digital and still retain my analogue VCR for the finished product. I want to do the following, record digital footage and download it to my PC ( which I shall uprate to a specification namely an AMD Athlon XP 1600 processor, Asus A7V266 motherboard, with two separate hard drives). I am contemplating using Pinnacle DV500+ for my capture and editing and finally storing the finished product (2hours+) where? Then with a master digital tape I would like to copy this onto standard VHS for distribution.
    I am totally confused into which direction I go. Have looked at mini DV camcorders but even with DV-in I am limited to one hour. Will a full size digital camcorder (with DV-in and tape sizes up to three hours) give me the opportunity to export my edited footage to an analogue VCR? With hopefully all things being possible , has anyone any real suggestions as to the makes and models I should be looking at?
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    Not sure what you mean.
    Why is the 1Hour recording time a limitation ?
    Are you planning to actually shoot stuff on DV and then edit it then record out to analogue tape? The three hour requirement won't be a problem just playout to analogue tape direct from the PC via a suitable graphics card or a dv to analogue stand alone solution. If you want to do it once then dupe the old fashioned way how about you dump to svhs or Hi8 then strike your vhs dubbs of that initial analogue master it should still be sufficiently better quality than vhs to make the additional duplication stage irrelevant on your vhs copies.

    Alternatively I'm sure your could dump out to multiple DVs and effectively do three edits from your three dv tapes from a suitable camera to your analogue format ( not too sure on the editing interface issues with this maybe LANC or something) just give yourself a bit of a head and tail on your three dv tapes and cut in on a shot edit to hide the join.

    The pinacle card will give you some speed improvements during editing depending on what you are doing but personally I could live without it: your machine will be decent enough spec to handle most editing processes itself.

    If you were investing all that time and effort to produce something of 3 hours in length I'd recommend playing out to D1 or digibeta at a pro facilities house to ensure optimum quality on your final master. Or are you just interested in dumping an entire movie off dvd to DV and bootlegging to vhs ( bit of an odd way of doing it but thats the only other reason I can think off that would make the 1 hour tape limit an issue)

    Watch out for miniDV material going out of audio sync over material of this duration as you edit also.
    Bear in mind I'm going from my experience on avids and lightworks and other bits of kit and what I'm gleaning about dv from other sources.

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