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I work for an NHS trust and we are looking to buy a reasonably priced small DV camera for recording lectures, patient interviews, training sessions etc. that would then be transfered to SVHS tape. Good sound quality is a must. Not sure of how much we would have to spend, buit from minimal research I see you can get reasonable ones for about £500. For the purposes I am using is it worth getting anything more pricey or will I be happy with the results of a cheaper one?

PC compatibility might be nice also.

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For your purposes, a cheap camera will probably do the job. At the bottom end of the market a little extra cash usually buys a few more facilities, not much in the way of picture quality. This usually comes slightly higer up the range with increased resolution CCDs, etc. I would suggest you make sure you get one that has an external microphone socket as many small cameras do pick up the sound of their own mechanism due to their small size. Then get a decent lapel microphone which will give much better audio pickup. Most are now PC compatible for edit control, Firewire Out, etc. but check Web Sites for individual specs.
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