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I have had a DV-79 for just over a year now and had it linked up to a pioneer PDP-504HDE

With the soon to be arrival of HD TV i was just doing some research on HD TV and what my plasma could display, whilst doing this researched i noticed mention of DVD players sending signals in 720P or 1080I to HD ready plasmas. Just checked what my DV-79 is sending to my Plasma via HDMI and i get two results depending on PAL or NTSC disk - its either 625P or 525P (and 625i if watching sky).

Is this right or should i be changing any settings in the DV-79 to enable 720P (the tech specs on the 79 say it does 720P)

Or is it a setting on the plasma i need to change ?

Done a quick run through of the menus and cant find anything obvious to change

Or am i just being silly ?



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What you are talking about is scaling. This is something the Arcam players do not do. The reason for this is that they believe that the information on a DVD is best left in its native format, ie 625P. There is already a scaler built into your plasma screen which always scales video up or down to fit the resolution of the panel unless you feed it exactly the same resolution as the panel. If you use a DVD player that scales the image to say 720P then the video is going through one scaler on the player and then another scaler on the plasma to scale it to 768P which is the actual resolution of your screen. Going through two scalers is normally not a good idea and results in a poorer image.


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will second that, i tried a denon 2910 and 3910 because of their so-called upscale to HD and found that this created more problems especially with makro-blocking, tried the dv79 and never looked back


Thanks for the feedback - i was never thinking of getting ride of the 79, just wanted to make sure i was getting the most out of it until true HD is available in the UK.

Just hope someone does a HDMI splitter or something as the Pioneer 504 only has one HDMI socket and with sky going the HDMI route i dont want to have to keep swaping over the conections between watching sky and dvd.

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