DV 27 picture fault


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I have a DV27 which seems to have developed a fault. It is connected to my projector via the non prog scan component output. The top 10% or so of the picture is pulled to the right - like a poorly tracking VHS tape would. It seems to be just this output because having checked with the prog scan output and the SVHS output they are fine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to cause or solutions?


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Further investigation has revealed it is only R2 discs that exhibit this fault. R1 and R3 discs are fine. Anybody?


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It sound like the same issue I have with my Loewe Planus.
I also get a green banding in the area, I emailed Arcam who failed to respond about this and when I spoke to Loewe they told me it was an incompatibility between the two caused by the macrovision on R2 disc's. I have had this problem with a DV88 so I upgraded to the DV27+ and still got the issue. :(
Hope this helps a little.


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Arcam are poor at answering e-mails, give them a call, they are very good.


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Thanks guys. I'll give it a try

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