Dust problem solved?


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This may be the craziest idea since crazy ideas began.Small petrol engines
often use a foam filter to trap dust etc, in order to make them far more
efficient they are sprayed with a light machine oil which makes it virtually
impossible for dust to make it's way through without getting stuck to the
AS long as the oil, WD40, whatever, didnt impede airflow Voila,a far more
efficient air filter.Yes it would need cleaning more often because it would
trap far more dust,and cleaning would probably involve the careful use of
a mild detergent, but if it works it would be worth the extra hassle,
or would it. (I can hear laughter already)


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Yeah, my old 2-Stroke Yamaha DX200 motorcycle had an air filter which you had to oil after washing.

Making it sticky would mean the fluff would stick to it rather than possibly work it's way thru.

As long as it's not going to dissolve any of the plastic (as some oils can) or get sucked though into the optics (major disaster) then it should be an improvment.

Poss you may need to clean more often as the dust will stick and clog up the holes more.

Without doing and tests, I would not like to say what effect it would have on air flow though.


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Definitely would not recommend this in the strongest terms as even the tiniest amount of oil vapour will totally contaminate the whole optical system.
Don't even think about it :nono:

Jeff :rtfm:


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I can vouch for that last comment. I have been given an 8mm cine projector. The lens has a zoom function, the barrel being very lightly greased. The lens is now unuseable due to a milky deposit on one of the elements that I cannot remove. (I've used an electric toothbrush and tar remover as a last resort) I reckon the lamp heat burned the grease vapour onto the lens element making the whole lens useless.

Anyone got a spare lens for a Prinz Magnon cine projector?


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Is it one of these, Magnon 800 Std 8 projector?:smashin:


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To be honest, I think the BEST sollution to dust, is one that I had planned to do myself as someone on these forums already has.

That's to make a PRE dust filter.

Basically, a Fan, a filter (sponge of some filter material) and a tube of some sort.

Make the thing and suspend/position it, so it's blowing this pre-filtered air towards the air intake on your projector.

That was your projectors filter is sucking in pre filtered air, so I'd say you'd greatly reduce to chances of any dust getting into the machine.

I'm actually supprised some company had not started making something like this for the big name home projectors. I'm sure many on these forums would buy one for say under £50 as long as it looked neat and tidy, clipped on, and didn't make much noise.

Certainly a lot better than taking your machine apart and trying to blow dust from the panels.

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