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Hi Guys,

Was sitting watching Shameless tonight, when I began to notice a small black dot in the bottom right corner of my Panny 6 screen.

At first my heart stopped and I thought a pixel may have just died! However, as I moved from my seat, the spot disappeared.

On closer inspection, I could see that it was not a dead pixel, but what appears to be a bit of dirt on the glass.

I tried gently wiping it with a moist cloth but it will not come off. Now comes the strange bit. The dirt is actually on the back of the glass.
As I move my head from the bottom of the display, to the top, I can see the pixel layer behind and I can see the dirt on the glass in front.

Is the front glass and whatever's behind vacuum sealed?

I'm not sure how I can get rid of this. I tried charging up a duster with static to see if I could attract the dust to the bottom of the screen, but that did not work. It could be a 'drip' from whatever they use to coat the glass???

I'm hoping there's something I can do, but if not, I guess I'll just count myself lucky that I don't have any dead pixels, and that if I sit in a specific position the 'dirt' cannot be seen. It's just a bit annoying as I know it's there now, and if I move in my chair I just see the little black spot!

Any ideas?



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I have noticed this on several screens on displays in currys, comet etc. 2x JVC 42" plasmas, 1x Pioneer 43", 1x Thomson 42" and 1x Panny 42" It does appear to be dust behind the glass, but no amount of tapping or rubbing manages to move the blighters at all.It is unlikely you will be able to shift the speck, Still, it is better than a dead pixel.....


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It is possible to remove the outer bezel with the glass attached, but you will find that you have to lift the bezel over the ribbon cables attached all round to the actual display unit.
Also once you take it off in my experience you then risk dust being attracted to the back of the glass. That's before you try to carefully place the bezel(+glass) back over the ribbon cables.

In answer to your question, the plasma display is vacuum sealed, the actual glass (at least on Panasonics) is separate from the plasma display unit with foam pads all round between the glass and the display.

I'd leave it !



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Thanks for the info. I don't mind a challenge, but as I've only had the screen for 2 weeks, I don't think I'll be attempting to remove the glass!!!!

As you say, if I don't break something and manage to get rid of the spec I can see, what's to say I don't pickup some dust somewhere else!

I'll just count myself lucky the pixels are all ok and put up with the dust. If any more gets in, after the warranty runs out, maybe I'll consider opening her up then.

All the best,



I'd be returning it now, this is unacceptable. You may have only had it a short time and don't want to part with it just now, but it will be worth it.

You should be 100% happy it for the amount of money it cost, get it repaired.

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