dust contamination on lcd panel in a Ezpro540


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Can someone please help. I believe I have dust contamination on the red panel of the lcd in my ezpro 540. I sent the projector away to be looked at because I was getting red blotches on the image (especially evident when displaying a dark image). The people who I sent it to told me they could find nothing wong and recommended that I have the projector serviced as there was some dust contamination. I agreed, however when I received the projector back the problem was still evident. After some research on the internet I discovered that my problem could be dust contamination of the red lcd panel. Can anyone possibly tell me how I could clean the lcd panel in order to remove the dust contamination please. (An idiots guide would be very useful)
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Hopefully someone knows more about how to take this particular PJ apart.

In principle, though, it's a case of removing the necessary parts of the case so that you can see the LCD block, and buying an aerosol air blower (eg. from Maplins) and blowing the LCD block clean - making sure that no liquid gas gets onto the assembly.

It takes about 10 minutes on a Sony VW10.



Firstly the EzPro540 hasn't got a red panel, it is a single panel projector so all colours are generated by the same panel, and the problem you are reporting sounds very similar to a problem i had with my 540, except the blotches on mine were orange. I had to send mine back twice to have the problem fixed as it came back. The engineer said it was a problem with the 'Polariser'. Is it still under the 2 year warranty, if so get your supplier to send it back to Optoma, they know about this problem. I spoke to someone called Roy Stonebank there who was very helpful. Hope you get it sorted.

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