Dust blob in HD72i ?!!


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Guys, to my horror this evening I noticed what I think is a dust blob in my HD72i! It's in the very top left corner of the screen and appears as a dull patch on the blue HD72 screensaver. I can't focus in on it though. So is that a dust blob or not?

I have to say that I only just noticed it and I can't see it during films. I'm therefore inclined just to leave it right now, but it kinda makes me nervous that I might develop some more - only 300 hours on the clock too :mad: .

Anyway, I thought the HD72i had sealed optics? So has anyone else had this experience with an HD72i? Any advice? Where do you think the dust has settled? I can see a small hair on the inside of the lens on the inside of the PJ and specks of dust on the mirror.

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