Question Durable Quality HDMI cable for Projector setup?


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Hi All,

Could you recommend any certain brand or more preferably one specific very durable quality HDMI -cable for a projector setup in a meeting room that will have wide range of users with their computers as the HDMI-source on a daily basis. Cable should be more preferably be in length of 3 meters / 10 feets.

As said there will be lots of different users with their computers plugging and unplugging it and some of the users might be a bit aggressive with the cable so the cable will be subject to a lot of stress on a daily basis, throughout the day.

Usually it is the first HDMI-cable (#1) in the signal chain that wears out, and happens too often it feels. Snowflakes or flickering signal is usually the problem and happens of course at the most unconvenient times. (However some times the broken HDMI-cables that were replaced are still working without issues if connected directly to an external screen for example).

The complete HDMI-signal setup includes audio-splitter, RJ45-converter and goes as follows before it reaches the projector that is Sony VPLFH31 (max. Full HD resolution):

Source: Computer => HDMI-cable #1 => Audio-splitter (up to 7.1 channel)
=> HDMI-cable 2#=> HDMI-to-RJ45-converter ==> RJ45-cables
==> RJ45-to-HDMI-converter ==> HDMI-cable 3# ==> Projector (Sony VPLFH31, Full HD)

This is the exact audio splitter if it matters, CYP HDMI Audio De-embedder:
AU-11SA - De-embed Audio from HDMI (7.1) - CYP Europe on Model: AU-11SA

If anyone has suggestions would be really appreciated!
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I've found these: hdmi cables to be pretty robust and the colour makes them easy to identify.

Numpties will still try and force them into Display Port sockets, try to leave the room with it still connected and tie them in knots for some inexplicable reason, but at less than a fiver each, a few can be kept as spares!

It might be worth using some sort of cable management at the other end so that it cannot be pulled or disconnected in error. I use a screw down cable clamp and a length of slit flexi-conduit to control the bend ratio. At least that way the cable normally outlasts the connectors...

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