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According to the news pages on the Home Cinema Choice website, ATC have announced two new 5.1 speaker setups. One is passive and the other is active but they both share the same 1,000 watt subwoofer.

Priced at £4,877 and £9,396 I am sure that once you have read the details here you will be raiding the piggybank :D


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Right, yes, those are two serious surround sound speaker setups. :)

As a matter of fact, though, that monster sub is the one that I owned for about 7 months last year... and then traded up in exchange for a pair of the magnificent Active 20 speakers (which is the main speaker in the Concept 5 system). I know, I know, it was a wonderful sub, and I do miss it, but the Active 20s are just too good to be true - and such a surprising quantum leap over the Active 10s that I had before.

The HCC article makes special mention of the superb new tweeter shared by ATC's flagship Active 70s (the speakers J. Gordon Holt of Stereophile said were perhaps the best speakers in the world, no exaggeration!), and I can wholeheartedly agree - it is simply stunning. Gorgeous, smooth, accurate, and incredibly high resolution - it goes really well with the ATC 6" mid/bass driver. The result is just too good - and despite the loss of that mighty sub, I can't say I regret my choice for a second. :) (Besides, maybe one day I'll be rich enough to get me a sub like that again. :) )


P.S. - Oh to have Active 20s all around....... *droooool*

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