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I think the single book I have read most often in my life is probably Frank Herbert's Dune. Until recently, however, I had never managed to make it past Dune Messiah. Anyway, I recently started re-reading it, partly in time for the (at that point not yet delayed) new movie, and also because Henry Zebrowski on Last Podcast On The Left wouldn't shut up about it, which kinda made me want to go back again myself. (He's just started a Dune podcast, because of course he has).

This time round I've made it to Heretics Of Dune so far, meaning there's one left of Herbert's original novels. Oddly, Dune Messiah was nowhere near as good as I remembered, but I absolutely loved Children of Dune and God Emperor of Dune. The original novel, however, is still as amazing as ever.

Anyone else a fan? Anyone not made it through the series?

CLL Dodge

I've only read as far as Dune Messiah, though I've watched the 2003 TV miniseries Children of Dune, which adapts the second and third books of the series.

King Mob

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Dune Messiah does seem to make a good stepping-off point- as you can imagine from how Children of Dune ends, God Emperor of Dune is where things start getting REALLY weird.

I'm really enjoying my read through the whole series, but I suspect in future I will probably just be reading the first one several more times without necessarily committing myself for the long haul.

The annoying thing is that apparently Chapter House Dune leaves a lot of things up in the air because Herbert died, and the story is completed in Hunters of Dune and Sandworms of Dune, by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson, whose writing doesn't seem to be particularly well-regarded by fans. So I've kind of prepared myself for "disappointing final season syndrome" with those two.

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